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  • Multiple anchor points allow for an endless variety of exercises
  • Combines strength training, cardio and muscle lengthening
  • Reaches the smaller muscles and ligaments creating full-body integrity
  • 30 Minutes or less per workout – more sustainable and effective
  • Can work the body from opposing directions – wont let your core cheat
  • Can be applied to any fitness model – Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Boot Camps…
  • Adjustable for any fitness level with modifications for regression and progression
  • Workouts done to music – fun and over before you know it





  • ​​Such a great workout led by a very knowledgeable instructor, Victoria. I'm new to Pilates and Victoria takes the time to ensure I'm using proper technique and that I am comfortable throughout the workout. She pushes you and gives a killer workout. I absolutely recommend this studio and Victoria!

  • I've been doing pilates here for about 3 months. I've done bootcamp, crossfit, yoga, bikram yoga, regular gym cardio/weights...NOTHING has shaped, toned and slimmed my figure like pilates. Victoria is a gem ♥

  • So happy I stumbled by this place while walking my dogs. I get compliments everyday, everyone is noticing. Many people think I've made huge changes with massive cardio and strict dieting but the only change I made was coming here.

  • I love this place!  It's clean and bright.  Victoria is a great instructor and i feel very comfortable in class even though my skills are weak after a two year vacation from pilates reformer classes.  The mat classes are amazing as well.  I would highly recommend this place!

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Hello, Friends!


Pilates Body Art Fitness Camarillo is beautiful upscale Pilates fitness studio in Camarillo City. We offer privates, semi-privates and group classes on reformers and mat with State-of-the-art Pilates equipment. Providing you with a rejuvenating atmosphere with a tense workout  that you will enjoy with a Certified Pilates Instructor. Our studio includes Reformer machines, Cadillac, Wall Springboards, Bodhi body suspension system (TRX), Orbits, as well as Circuit Training with light weights and kettle-bells. Now offering Yoga & Barre classes. Located in the beautiful Village at the Park in Camarillo Village Commons next to the new Sports Park.

WhY Pilates At Our Studio?

Pride In Our Studio- All About Our Class Ambience
At Pilates Body Art Fitness Studio we offer small intimate group classes and private sessions for Reformers and Mat, designed to be modified to our client's goals. Our studio is unique and works with State-Of-Art equipment, built and designed for our modern days. You will find our studio is special, bright, roomy and more solitary than other studios. We are not your typical mat on the floor class studio, we are more personal as your own personal trainer would be. We offer many choices of great classes to fit everyone's needs and goals. We follow Joseph Pilates' True Principles and Fundamentals with a Contemporary/ProgressiveTwist. Pilates true foundation allows us to become more flexible, lengthening our spine, strengthening our transverse muscles our CORE, pelvic flooring, learning to stabilize parts of her body then moving freely through different joints of your body pain free, working from the inside to the outside. We incorporate strength training, muscle toning, and cardio circuit training with lite to medium weights. We also teach body suspension TRX, Burn at Barre and Yoga. Our mat classes are practiced on but limited to the following equipment. Pilates on Mat, Wall Springboard (Cadillac both towers on wall) Bodhi (TRX), Orbits, Wights, Kettle-Bells, Barre Fitness, Magic Circles, Thera Bands, Weighted Balls, Dowels, Exercise Balls, Stability Balls and Medicine Balls. Our other room includes 6 Reformers, Combo Chairs, Ladder Barrel and Cadillac. We offer a free mat class, please like us on our social media. Sign up on our free phone app or website and please join us today to experience our wonderful studio. 



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June 8th, 2017

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  • 20% off New Client Memberships for 4 months or 6 months membership
  • 10% Off Membership Renewals
  • 10% Off packets over $120 
  • $150 for New Clients Introductory Pack (2 Privates, 2 Reformers, 2 Mat Group Classes)
  • Health Coaching $45
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At our studio is where you can challenge yourself, find strength within,

and learn to connect your mind with your body to feel the power and control.

Always Stand Tall, Feel Strong & Centered!



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